Where the talents meets the possibilities

The SD is a unique, international talent – (cofounder/project/investor) – finder and project validator solution. A special community plaform where the innovators meets his mentors, advisors, investors.

Three main goals of the platform:

1.       People can publish their real skills in an easy to use, easy to understand way due to our service. The user profile pages can also be used as very accurate Cvs.

2.      We offer our users a very simple way of building a one-pager project profile page. The most important part of this will probably be the skillset graph of the project, which could be used even as a prevalidation tool. Our modell based a very practical skillmapping model.

3.      SD categorizes the startupers / innovators into 12 groups, which gives the the whole ecosystem a little bit of order, making people easier to find.

SD helps users to easily make projects come to life or build a better network. The founders may find co-founders, interns, investors, coders; investors will have better projekt descriptions; advisors may find clients; headhunters can find good candidates.

Special Features
For our univesities – and investor partners are going to provide a closed version of Skilldriller. This platform can handle every aspect of an innovative platform. Separated, Invitation based, private database with evaluator and monitoring tools with full customisable interfaceInhouse mentoring structure, advanced networking options for international collaboration.

Sales / Marketing Strategy:
The plan is to reach users by the help of known universites and incubators. Our possible partners are the EU KIC system, EIT Digital, FIWARE acceletors, Demola in seven countries, Kairos Society and a number of other international accelerators that we are in touch with.

Business Model:
We will provide free account for the innovators, and a monthly based payed account for professionals. We planned special account for investors, Academic and special partners.

Linkedin is not focusing for innovators. Angels.co, F6S.com and Gust focus only on the project side, they do not handle finding talent.

Competitive Advantages:
Trendsetter desing, ready to use outputs for innovators. In this special market segment we find the relevant answers for the partner and cofunder finding, teambuilding problems. The best talent mapping solution for the innovative ecosystem. Professional Developer Team.
Product Timing:
2015 oktober-november:                 End of the planning and validation period

2015 december  - 2016 marc :          4 months development to  MVP
2016  – April – May:                          2 months closed beta.

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