Whether you are at the idea stage or have a working business, you need to To deliver amazing talks and presentations, in any situation, it all comes down to grab people’s attention! clear communication!

Get feedback on your ideas or current business pitch from leading international experts!

Receive a copy of Cracking the Flourishing Code, the new book by US Philanthropist Pat Black. In a two-part (am and pm) fun and friendly day, you can present an idea or your current business pitch, get feedback, get clarity and focus on your message, and walk away with the confidence you can pitch anytime, anywhere.

Late Registration: 9.30

Morning Session: 10.00-13.00

Afternoon: 14.00-16.00 plus “after party”

Pitch*, listen, share, learn, give and receive feedback, pitch, share, learn, give and receive feedback – rinse and repeat!

*Pitching is not compulsory, but the more active you are, the more you can learn!

Who we are:

Drew Gerber: For 30 years, he has been inspiring those who want to change the world. As CEO of Wasabi Publicity, he sparks "aha" conversations that lead to personal and business success. He will work with you in developing both your ideas and your mind-set.

Michelle Tennant: Specializes in international PR, working regularly with the likes of Anderson Cooper, Oprah, Larry King, BBC, The Today Show, and all major media. She will advise you on your content and pitching to media.

David Trayford: Founder of thehub.hu, Team Project Coach at Singularity University in California, speech coach for several TED and TedX speakers, mentor for all the leading European StartUp initiatives. He will work with you on focusing your content and investor pitches.

Registration here!

* to grow, develop, thrive, or prosper in a healthy or vigorous way

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